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The Green Peel® is a 100% Herbal Peel

Women receiving a green Peel facial

The Green Peel® offers a range of treatment possibilities for both the face and the body, from pre and anti-aging to solving specific skin conditions such as large-pored, impure or blemished skin or loss of elasticity on the body.

GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment, developed by Dermatoligist, Christine Schrammek, helps people with various skin problems to get clean and even skin.

GREEN PEEL® is a skincare concept for every skin type at any age and combines the best ingredients from nature and science. It is a wonderful solution for the treatment of skin imperfections y for women, men and teenagers.

There are 3 GREEN PEEL® facial and body treatments -


Fresh Up

Freshness without the peeling effect. This treatment offers regeneration and vitality for tired facial and body skin with a tendency towards fine lines and wrinkles. It is also a quicker softener for thick, callous or impure skin.

Package of 6 treatments recommended; once a week. $120 BOOK ONLINE


Vitality and regeneration without the peeling effect stimulate your skin; this is a highly effective curative treatment method for improving circulation in pale, sun-damaged skin and diminishing first lines and wrinkles.

Package of 8 treatments recommended; every two weeks. $180 BOOK ONLINE


Regeneration and renewal with a peeling effect renews your skin and offers a solution to several skin problems ranging from pigmentation to wrinkles and sun damage to skin renewal.

Package of 2 treatments recommended; every four weeks. $360 BOOK ONLINE

Green Peels come in classic, energy, and fresh up

Treatment Expectations

A new skin in 5 days.

The mixture of eight selected herbs containing enzymes, minerals, and vitamins massages into the skin of the face and body enabling the GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment to adapt to individual skin conditions and personal treatment goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a GREEN PEEL® facial and body treatment be performed during summertime?

Yes. It is popular in more than 50 countries, around the world. A GREEN PEEL® treatment is good in any season. However, intensive sunbathing should be avoided after treatment, as the rejuvenated, fresh skin is susceptible to sunlight.

Is a GREEN PEEL® treatment painful?

There is no pain; however, some clients report a prickling sensation. During the massage you may feel a little pressure which for those who are sensitive may feel slightly uncomfortable but not painful.

Can I leave the house after a GREEN PEEL® Classic?

Every skin is individual. Most customers' skin starts to peel on the 3rd day after treatment. The peeling process finishes on the fifth day. If you prefer to avoid being in public during the peeling process, you should schedule the treatment for Wednesday so the peeling process will take place over the weekend.

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